There is a use of ingredients called 1 2 3 in the concrete mix. There are 3 indispensable structures in this content. These are the use of cement, water and small stones called aggregates. Some chemical additives and minerals can be added to the concrete depending on where it will be used and for what purpose.

Ingredients of concrete

Although the ingredients of concrete changes from time to time depending on the purpose of production and the place to be used, cement, aggregate and water are indispensable concrete production structures. In addition to these structures, chemical additives and minerals can also be added to the ready mixed concrete mix.



Cement, which is the most important part of ready mixed concrete mixes, is a material whose main raw materials are limestone and clay and used for bonding mineral parts. Examples of mineral fragments are sand, gravel and brick. In order to use this adhesive property of cement, it must be combined with water. When cement combines with water, it hardens and acts as a binder.

Cement is the smallest volumetric component in many concrete mixes; however, it is the most important among the concrete components. The most commonly used cement types are Portland Composite Cement, Additive Cement, Slag Cement and Sulfate Resistant Cement, apart from this, White Portland Cement and some other types of cements are used for special purposes.


The sand in the ready mixed concrete mix is ​​actually called aggregate in general terms. Sand, which is obtained by crushing aggregate stones, is one of the necessary parts of concrete production. Sands and stones of different sizes can be used according to the purpose of production and use of concrete.


Another important part of the concrete mix is ​​aggregates. Aggregates in ready mix concrete mixes are actually a general name given to materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone. These structures, which can be divided into different categories according to their grain sizes, contain up to 75% of the concrete and form an indispensable part of the concrete mix.


The water used in the concrete mix is ​​very important. It should be used in the right amount with the right mixes because water turns the cement and aggregate in the ready mixed concrete mix into a workable mass. The content of this mixing water is also important. The use of water with properties such as salt, acid or oil in the ready mixed concrete mix may lead to loss of strength.