The most important feature of concrete, which consists of materials such as cement, aggregate, water and chemicals, is its strength and durability. Despite this, cheap concrete is used by companies from time to time, although it is not recommended. Firms look for the cheapest way to make concrete. Although this search does not cause any damage to the structures in the short term, it can cause great damage in any concussion or in the long term. For this reason, even for cheap concrete, the right ready mixed concrete should be preferred.

man doing ready mixed concrete work
WE CONCRETE offers you quality and professional ready mixed concrete mixes

How to do concrete cheaply

There are many quests to make concrete cheaply. The thing that reduces the cost in general is of course the quality of the materials. When the quality of the materials in the concrete is reduced, it is possible to gain more in the short term. However, in this way, the quality of the concrete is put at risk. Therefore, the preference of people who want to make concrete cheaply should be to buy ready mix concrete. Thus, its own material purchasing and mixing cost and the labor cost spent for it are saved. Concrete can be made cheaper with a solid quality.

Disadvantages of mixing your own concrete

The most important thing in the mix for concrete is the quality of the materials. Mixing the concrete materials yourself may make you unable to apply the correct formula. In this case, both operational processes are delayed and an extra cost occurs. Particular attention should be paid to the specific gravity and water absorption rates of the aggregates. We offer you quality and reliable ready mixed concrete mixes, as there will be no return after cheap concrete is created and added to the structure.

Risks of mixing your own concrete

At the beginning of the risks of not using the right concrete is the breaking of the concrete in case of any vibration or wear. There is a great risk especially for the structures to be built in the earthquake zone. The use of cheap concrete, which also carries financial risks, can even lead to high-scale loss of life. As WE CONCRETE, we offer you quality and professional ready mixed concrete mixes.