Concrete is an indispensable part of the building and construction industry. Correct mix for concrete is ​​very important in this sector and therefore, ready mixed concrete is generally preferred. The most important feature of ready mixed concrete is, of course, durability. In addition, machinability, material ratio and diameter, chemical additive ratio and resistance to external effects are also extremely important.

The right mix for concrete includes cement, aggregates, such as sand, gravel or crushed stone, water and, if necessary, some chemicals and minerals. The mixture prepared for concrete consists of 75% aggregate, 10% cement and 15% water in general. When chemical additives or any mineral is added, between 2% and 5% can be added into the cement weight.

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How to ensure correct mix for concrete

It is very important that the mix for concrete has the right mix. Concrete, which is expected to have a durable and protective form; It occurs when aggregate materials are added to cement with the help of water. Workability, resistance to abrasion and impact, and compressive strength are as important as the quality of the ready mix concrete. A reliable and high-quality ready mixed concrete mix saves you from unnecessary formula applications and extra costs. You can contact us for quality ready mixed concrete.

WE CONCRETE ensures you get the correct mix

As WE CONCRETE, we offer ready mixed concrete mixes with proven durability and usability. In order for your operations and plans not to be disrupted, you should choose a quality concrete mix. Have a quality structure with the mix for concrete, which we have brought to an ideal form after many tried and tested formulas.

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