Concrete is a structure that emerges by combining different sized stones called cement, water and aggregate. These structures must be placed in the ready mixed concrete mix at a certain rate. This ratio is generally 75% aggregate, 10% cement and 15% water. Ready mix concrete offers a number of advantages over traditional methods of mixing and pouring concrete. It is pre-mixed and delivered to the job site, which eliminates the need for on-site mixing and saves time. It also ensures uniformity in terms of strength, consistency and quality, as it is produced in a factory setting with a set recipe. On the other hand it helps reduce the amount of waste from the job site, as it is produced in exact quantities and can be delivered directly to the job site.

pouring ready mix concrete from mixing mobile concrete mixer

Ready mixed concrete is created with the right formula. The use of ready mix concrete is ​​highly preferred, especially in recent years, thanks to its many advantages. There are many reasons why this system is preferred. We have compiled the reasons for you:

Ready Mix Concrete Is Cheap 

The biggest reason for the advantages of ready mix concrete is that they provide cost advantages. It is possible to obtain a cheaper concrete mix by saving more on the labor factor and other cost factors. Ready mix concrete is also more cost-effective than mixing concrete on site, as the cost of labour and equipment is minimized.

Ready Mix Concrete Made Instantly

Another advantage of using a ready-mixed concrete is ​​that it is done instantly. When you need a ready mixed concrete, we offer the mixes we have created in the ideal format for you and ensure that your operational work continues without interruption.

Ready Mix Concrete Is High Quality

As WE CONCRETE, we offer you the best quality ready mix concrete you can find. Concrete mixtures are created by combining them in ideal form and customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level. You can contact us for a quality concrete mix.

Ready Mix Concrete Allows Fast Production 

Since ready-mixed concretes are produced and kept ready for you, delivery and use are easy as well as fast. This helps our customers to realize fast production. We support your rapid production by exempting you from other expenses that will be spent to create the concrete mix.