Volumetric trucks are one of the most preferred transportation vehicles, as they can provide great cost advantages to their users. Manufacturers who prefer the concrete mix as the ready mixed concrete mix only pay for the mass they demand to be transported by using volumetric trucks. Even if the truck is not completely filled, they are not responsible for the payment for the vacant parts. Volumetric trucks are particularly advantageous for transferring concrete mix.

premixed concrete mixer truck

You only pay for what you use and no waste

The use of volumetric trucks during the transportation of ready mixed concrete has great advantages. The most important of these advantages is the cost advantage. When you want to transport and transfer concrete mix with a volumetric truck, you pay the amount in the truck. Therefore, even if enough ready mix concrete is transported to fill the truck, you can save money by paying your own portion.

There is no extra payments

In case of transportation of ready mixed concrete with volumetric trucks, you do not have to make any extra payments for the empty spaces in the truck, since you can only make a payment for your own mass. Ready mixed concrete mixes can thus be transported easily.

Reduced carbon footprint

The carbon footprint, in its most general sense, defines the amount of carbon that people emit into the atmosphere as a result of transportation, heating or consuming other energies. This structure is measured in units of carbon dioxide and is divided into a primary footprint and a secondary footprint. 

Especially due to the preferred vehicle vehicles, a very high amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. The use of volumetric trucks while transporting the ready mixed concrete greatly reduces this amount. These transportation vehicles, which are both easy to transfer and not harmful to the atmosphere, can be easily used for concrete mix.